1. ohyesverynice:

    The Ballsies 2014 by Jason Little

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  2. 1620studio:

    Neghelli 11 by Roberta Farese, Whiskey&Mentine, Francesco Di Muro & Matteo Modena

    Bar & Bistrot

  3. Atypical: Series of posters by Pawel Nolbert, exploring form and rhythm of letters or pseudo-letters presented as half-realistic, half-illustrative figurative sculptures.The artworks were built from an elaborate artistic painterly gestures into expressive arrangements – extending the aesthetic characteristic of typography.

    View more on Hello Color, the website of this amazing artist.

  4. Whiskey & Mentine

  5. Antler

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  6. Chad Michael


  7. ‘Minimalism’, A Documentary About Making More With Less

    This looks great.

  8. Love these playing cards by Joelle Wall

  9. Some pretty nice free fonts via thedsgnblog:

    Friday Freebies: Collection of Free Fonts:

  10. Fromage <3

    Fromage <3

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  11. Design porn. Hubba hubba &lt;3
Brasserie la Goutte d’OrPerrine Clement

    Design porn. Hubba hubba <3

    Brasserie la Goutte d’Or
    Perrine Clement

  12. LIX: The World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air



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  13. Hilde Wilms

    Hilde Wilms

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  14. Salon Fuzz
Braulio Amado

    Salon Fuzz

    Braulio Amado

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